The secret to living a fulfilling life and using your unique gifts to make a living.

Most people struggle to understand their purpose in life.  They have ‘hobbies’ that they enjoy and use them to create pleasure in their lives.  On a day to day basis they go to work, do what they must do, so that they can secure a career that pays the bills, but often feel empty despite the success that they may be having. 

So what is the secret to living a fulfilling life and using your unique gifts to make a living?

When we are born, we don’t have rules and what we do have is a beautiful connection to our spirit self.  That is why you see young children playing, moving and living free.  When they don’t want to do something they don’t do it.  When they are bored with an activity they stop and go on to do something else.  It is not unusual to hear parents talk about the passions that their toddlers have.  However, for most children, as much as the parents can recognise their passions, they also have deep unconscious beliefs that their child has to follow the path of social conformity.  It is so odd to see kindergarten allowing children to explore their passions and as they rise up the academic levels they start to funnel them down to what is expected by society.  They have to conform to National Educational Standards and then be valued as a good student that can now progress to college or university. 

However, what this is really doing to most children is giving them the unconscious message that what they feel is right and what they love doing …. is wrong.  As a result they start to mistrust their own guidance system and start to conform in order to ‘fit’ in and be acceptable.  They grow up uncertain of themselves and then struggle to trust their inner guidance system.  After all, how would it feel if all that you loved was reflected back to you with … ‘how will you survive doing this?’ … or … ‘how do you expect to make a living from that?’

This sends waves of confusion of what we should be doing with our lives.  If we can’t trust our gut and listen to our heart, then in order to feel accepted we have to do what we think others expect of us in order to feel whole.  And yet years later, it feels like we are living the wrong life, have studied the wrong degree and have accomplished the wrong achievements and now you feel empty. 

Then one day you break out, there is a calling inside of you , an energetic push to move you to where you are suppose to be.  Logic no longer satisfies you but now it is not the voice and disapproving faces or others that stops you …. it is your voice that says ‘you can’t make doing that!’ or ‘you are not an artist, you studied law!’

You fall back into survival and escape with your hobbies that you love, for when you do them you lose yourself and feel calm, happy and joyful.  You begin to believe that life is about balance, and so you balance unhappiness and emptiness with moments of joy and passion. 

What would it be like if you didn’t have the inner voice that criticised you?  What would you do if you didn’t have the fear in your gut and could take the leap?  Who would you be if you were not scared to stand straight and declare to the world who you are and what you love to do? 

Sadly,  I hear of beautiful dreams that are not yet realities when I pose this questions to my clients.  I hear uncertainty about their gifts and fear of failure should they follow their hearts.  They hold tight to that old feeling that says ‘what you want and what you are passionate about is not going to make you money ‘.  It is a belief that is alive and breathing and stops them from following their dreams and living with passion …. andso they struggle to step away and make it happen.

Here is the truth:

You can be whomever you want to be. 

You can do what ever you want to do.

You can make money from anything - especially today.

You don’t need approval from anyone but yourself.

You can be happy and make money from your unique gift.

You are responsible for your life, your happiness and your success.

Here is a BIG question for you to ponder on.  Is what you are doing, giving you the outcome that you want.  What is the truth about you, your talents and abilities?  What would make you come alive?  Do you know who you are and why you are alive? 

Live with Purpose … Live with Passion

Here are somethings you can do to become more aligned:

  1. Start becoming aware of your feelings
  2. Are those feelings comfortable or uncomfortable?
  3. If they are uncomfortable, ask intelligent questions e.g. "Is this activity/person/event etc in alignment to my best outcome?
  4. If you are scared to step into something, ask yourself for the evidence that you can't do it.  
  5. If you can't do it, what is the next step you need to take to move yourself closer to what you want to do.
  6. Educate yourself about you and how you create thoughts, feelings and behaviours. My book "I understand Me" might help you. 
  7. Join me online course Discovering & Implementing Your Life Purpose. Starting January 10, 2017