The key to success after leaving your corporate job.

So many people get burned out in their corporate jobs and as a result they decide to take a leap of faith to start their own business. Everything in their gut says… this is right! JUMP! and so they do!  So far so good.  There is a reserve of money in their bank account, they have years of experience in their soul and there is a passion to be happy and to live with purpose in their hearts. 

Did this happen to you?  Did you Leap from something secure and controlling to the freedom and insecurity of running your own business?


Here are some of the steps that you may have taken when you began this journey.  

Step one … decide a business name, get registered, hire an account and open a bank account. 

Step two …. get a logo, website, create products.

Step three … launch!!!  yeah!!  You now have a business.

Step four … get clients to buy your products and repeat this step over and over.  

OOPS!!!  Suddenly you realise that it is not that simple!   


You realise that you don’t have a PR department that only works on your product… nor do you have a marketing department… or a sales department for that matter.  You are it!  You are all this bundled up with your passion.  So what to do?  You go and take advice from the experts.  Some things work out and so many time they don’t.  

Frustration, confusion and anxiety start to creep in.  In fact they creep in so subtly that you didn’t even notice the first time, you didn’t work but cleaned out the garage and your kitchen drawers because you didn’t know what to do next.  When was the first time that you know of, that you didn't pick the phone to call a client because you were scared of the rejection?

You feel disillusioned but still convince yourself that someone out there can teach you what you don’t know which is the reason you are not succeeding.  You hear of the learning curve that all entrepreneurs go through and convince yourself that this is where you are.  The sales ads are so charming and seductive and they sell to you what you need to cure your pain… which is comes down to how you feel about yourself and what you believe you can achieve.  You look at your bank balance and now you feel like you need saving.  You decide that after all that... I am not that good.  In fact I am not good enough.  Here is what you are confusing.  Your skill at what you are passionate about and your skill in running a business.  If your business skills are not bringing you the results that you want... start to learn from the right people.  That is all that is happening... your 'what' you do that motivated the leap is still probably pretty amazing... stop mixing the two up. 

I am here to tell you that you don’t need saving.  Yes, there is a learning curve, but not all schools that are out there are right for you or right for your purpose or for you energetically.  Your business is a form of your self expression and when you are aligned and step into your Divinity, things flow and yes customers and money show up.  Simple?  Yes and no.

Going from expert to expert can be tiring but when things are not working out, you so desperately want someone to tell you what to do next.   There are so many ‘experts’ out there that have knowledge and very few that have grounded evidence that they can truly help you.  Watch out and ask yourself, do they walk their talk or just know how to hand it out.  There is a difference to reading a book or studying to actually taking the knowledge and using it, experiencing it and having creating results of their own with the knowledge they are selling.  That is what an expert is … taking knowledge, using it, experiencing it and becoming experts as a result.  Work with someone that is an expert because they have experienced the process that you want to create…. they get it.

The more you look outside of yourself for the answers and direction of your next step … the more you will struggle.  The more you develop your self awareness and use it as a guiding system as to what to do next, the more you are in alignment, the more it will flow for you.  You can develop that alignment by yourself or with the help of someone that knows what the benefits are to being aligned because they have experienced that.  The more you listen and follow your inner guiding system, the more expertise you will gain and therefor the more results you will get.  What you selling or should I say sharing, is not your knowledge but your experience.  That is what will make you unique and worth following.  


So here are somethings that you can do to get there quicker:

  1. Be clear about what you want and why you want it.

  2. Develop a strong sense of self, so you know when something is in alignment with you and your business or not.

  3. Be clear of ‘what’ you are offering and then look at how you are offering this.

  4. Ask intelligent questions of yourself.. like what do I need to do next?

  5. Listen to yourself!!  No one knows your business as well as you.  Listen to others after you have listen to yourself and then ask yourself again… is this right for me.

  6. Do not allow yourself to be seduced.  You know what you need to do.  Follow your heart.  

  7. Know what you are looking for before you go out there looking.

  8. Join me on my 6 week webinar about Life Purpose and finding alignment with your business.