Life Purpose- Is your future in your hands?

We spend so much of our whole adult life thinking about the future, worrying about it, planning for it, and trying to predict it. We think that if we could only know what will happen, things would be much easier. It would also solve that old nagging questions… “What am I suppose to do in this life?”

Here is the newsflash!!!!

What we don’t realise is that what we do in the present, will determine how our future will turn out. I will say it again …. What you are thinking today, will become your reality tomorrow.  

The future is always changing, because we have power of choice in the present, therefore what we decide today will impact on us tomorrow. So our future keeps changing by our own hand which comes from our thoughts that create emotions.

Most people don’t know what they want and feel uncertain about their future.  You may feel some of that too.   There might be some uncertainty in your life. If you are having conflicting thoughts about what you want… stop… you are delaying your process of manifesting… and even maybe cancelling.  Start somewhere, even if that somewhere is uncertainty, that’s ok, start there.  The here and now is always the best place to start.  

Change can feel so scary.  I know you want to stay in one piece and not to be pulled apart. You want to protect who you are and try to hold on to what you know. You keep doing what you have always done by doing the predictable, even if it is making you sad. By nature you will live by the script of your life,  which you will have modelled and learnt. You will naturally do what you know, unless you stop and  realise that what you are thinking is not giving you the outcomes that you want. Start to want something better for your life.  Step up and begin to dream of something bigger.  Your thinking is creating your reality, so if you want a different outcome… change your thoughts… and with that you will change your future.  

By being responsible of your thought, you will be responsible for your outcomes. Only then can you empower yourself to create the necessary changes that you want and desire.  Only then can you change the script of your life.

You need to think and understand this: The future is the home of your wildest hopes and your deepest fears. However, the truth is that the future does not really exist. 

Until you start to consciously live your life now,  what you are doing in your present may or may not create the future that you  want.  Unless you plan, believe and take action, that gorgeous future that you are dreaming of … may not come to you.  

Wake up!! Live with passion and purpose.

Decide who you want to be and what you stand for, plan and participate in your life, rather than participate in a life that is created randomly without your input. If you don’t decide who you are and what you want and where you are going…. someone else will do it for you.  Your life is worth more than someone else playing with it.

Here are some tips on whatyou can do to create a delicious future:

  1. Be clear about what you want.
  2. Stop getting bogged down on how you will get there.
  3. Notice your negative self talk and make changes.
  4. Stop doubting if you are deserving, worthy or good enough to have it.  Decide you want it and leave it at that.
  5. Spend around 5-7 min every morning thinking about the future that you want as if it is already here.  If ‘how’ thoughts come to mind… gently push them aside and label them “Universe’s stuff”
  6. Believe, believe, believe and never ever ever doubt.  There is a time lag from thought to action…just keep blindly believing.