Do you know what your life purpose is?

I am just wondering ….. when it comes to Life Purpose … Do you know yours?

One of the most common statements I get from my clients is “I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what I am suppose to do … I feel like I have no direction” :(

I see frustration … searching … and a question in Sofia’s eyes as she asked me … “Is something wrong with me?” “Why do so many people seem so focused while I am clueless?” Sofia’s life circumstances had turned upside down and nothing made sense in her life anymore.  She wasn’t at a crossroad, she was at a spaghetti junction.  

Sofia was riddled with fear and was worried that she would fail.  She worried that if she took a leap of faith towards her passion, she might be wrong and if all her efforts don’t materialise she would be putting her children at risk. Her thoughts run into crazy limiting beliefs that stop her from connecting to her inner knowing.  

The fear ofuncertainty and clarity makes people freeze and they struggle to think past that emotion.  They feel as if the ‘others’ have a secret and they wish they knew that secret too!

So let tell you about the secret.  The mind doesn’t have your purpose or agenda for this life.  Using your mind is what we term as logical thinking. 

Your purpose lies in the energy of your body, in your Spirit self that whispers to your heart, that makes your gut speak tighten or flatter.  That feeling when you know that something is wrong for you, or this is the best decision that you feel in your heart, is where your purpose lies.  

We hear about this whisper and we intuitively know about it.  We tell each other about it.  Have you ever heard the saying … ‘Follow your heart” or “What does your gut say?” 

Your mind is just the messenger to take that inner knowing from your Spirit to the body, so that you can take action.  Action in turn will give you clarity.

Ideas, just stay ideas.  The best idea, is still just an idea unless you take action and make it happen … then the idea becomes BRILLIANT!

So ok … how do I make sense of this?  

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Here’s to your success!