Are you confused or overwhelmed by which strengths or interests you want to pursue?

Perhaps you doubt that you have strengths or are excelling at anything at all? 

There is a restlessness inside of you.  You feel confused overwhelmed and frustrated because you have not yet discovered what you should pursue.  “What should I be doing?  You may be asking yourself over and over again…. because you are blessed with so many talents and that it makes it hard for you to decide what to follow.  You may even feel irritated … what is the good of having the talents that you have, if you can’t excel at least at one? 

 You may have had the advice from others, telling you to drop all and to only pick one.  Which one you may ask… I can do so much?  You may even question yourself as to why can you do so much?  Is this a blessing or a curse?  You may even long to be like most people who only know and do one thing… and because they only have one thing, they do it very well.  And is it not typical, that as you make the brave step towards dropping one,  that will be the one from where your next client comes from?  So the confusion and frustration starts all over again.

The question inside of you is “What should I be doing?” and your hope and wish is for someone to tell what that is so that you can just follow that and get the results that you want.  

 Deep inside, you know.  Deep inside, you know what you would do if you believed and trusted yourself, your life and your heart.  What is that one thing that you do without prompting?  What is that one thing that you keep picking up over and over year after year?  What is that one thing that you have done since you can’t remember when, and now you think it is not something special because it is so familiar and easy to you.  You stand in awe of others that succeed because what they do is so difficult, and yet they are doing it.  What you haven’t realised yet, is that for them, that something feels the same as your something does.  What I do so easily, is this work.  I don’t need to think about it, practice it or look it up.  I live it, I breathe it and I move with it.  It feels easy, familiar and comfortable, and if I didn’t know what I know …. I too would say “this thing I do… it’s nothing special!”… but it is special because it is mine.  And what you do is special because it is yours!

 So how do you come out of the rabbit hole and see the light and have the answers.  Here is a thought for you to consider.  There is a difference between what you do and how you do it.  So many people put focus on the how they do things, when the only thing that matters is what they are doing.  The 'how' is your tool box.  The 'what' is the heart and soul of your life.  I have always wanted to help people live easier and be happier.  That is my what.  How I do it, has morphed, changed, evolved and developed, so now how I work is better, quicker and easier for me.  However, I still do the same thing, but with more skill and focus.  So often people try to get their self worth by the actions they are taking.  They focus on the 'how' and it becomes their ID, their I AM! I am a hypnotherapist!  When actually you are not... for example ... I am a hypnotherapist ... when in reality, you do hypnotherapy and the reason you do it, is to help people overcome phobias so that client can live easier and enjoy life.  So what you are really doing is helping people overcome fears and live with ease.    

So the BIG question is... what do I want.  It always comes down to that.  What do you want to do?  If you are struggling with that, ask yourself how do you or would you fill in your time if you could do what you wanted ?  What books do you read?  Where do you spend your money?  Think back on what you love to do, then ask yourself …”How do I do that?” You will soon realise that the ‘what ‘ doesn’t change all that much, but the how expands and develops all the time.  Expanding on the how is interesting and motivating… because it makes the what, so much easier… It is that phrase that we all see on Facebook all the time ... Live with Passion.... in other words so the things that you love .... for when you do the things that you love, you don't need external motivation, you don't need a reason ... you love it ... so you just do it.   And when you do something that you love, you naturally become an expert in it.  Your unconscious activities will give you clues as to what you want.  We all have unique talents and skills that are ours and from the infinite part of ourselves.  It is the thing that you hear people say unconsciously “I was born to do this!”  or “When I do this, I lose myself!”. So what is yours?

So by beginning to focus on your what,  you will be able to bring all your skills and talents together and start to excel in what you are doing and create the life that you want.  You will end the confusion and the feeling of being overwhelmed and begin to live a Life with Purpose.

Here are some ideas that you can do, to help you align with your what. 

  1. Ask yourself what do I love to read ... whether it is a book, blog, aritcles... or even magazines and youtube.
  2. What conversations do I like having?
  3. What TV programs do I like watching?
  4. How do I spend my free time?  (Imagine that you don't have family obligations)
  5. What am I good at?
  6. Play the game ... if I had a fairy godmother and granted me the perfect job etc... what would I ask for?
  7. Join me on my 6-week Discovering & Implementing Your Life Purpose program.