What are the Akashic Records and how can they help me?


The word Akasha is a Sanskrit term that means a sort of life force.  It is also referred to as the ‘Indestructible tablet of astral light’ recording of both the past and future Soul’s physical recordings of events.

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All information of who we are and what our soul’s specialism and purpose is, is stored in the Akashic Field. Therefore the biggest use and advantage of accessing our Akashic Records is to discover who we are, what we are meant to do in this life and what blocks and restrictions we may have that stop us from achieving this purpose.


Imagine that we can capture our every moment as a photograph and store it in a photo library, that has been organised life by life.  From the beginning of time, our every physical life experience is recorded and kept in our 5th dimension, which is the dimension of energy and information.  From the 5th dimension and upwards, time and space does not exist.  Time and space are created for the lower dimension as we need order to avoid chaos.  The fact that time and space don’t exist and everything is now and everything just is, is useful when accessing the Akashic records as we are able to access information from the past so Spiritual Practitioners using Akashic Records can help their client get an understanding of themselves at soul level and then facilitate them to make changes.


When someone enters the Akashic Records, they are not going ‘above’ from where they are right now or have an idea that the living consciousness is a ‘below’ state.  They are not going anywhere.  Akashic is not a place but rather a way of energetically accessing information for the purpose of understanding Life Purpose and what is blocking ones present life, what the origin of the block is and then how to clear it.


Our information of who and what we are is in the 5th dimension.  The information about who we are and what we have experienced as well as what we are still upholding is all in the form of energy.  That information is communicated to our 4th dimension which is our thinking.  Our thinking will in turn instruct our 3rd dimension self which is our doing.


Communication between the dimensions are as follows:

5th Dimension to 4th, through the heart.

4th Dimension to the 3rd, through emotions.


The Soul has a purpose to fulfil.  It has specialism, characteristics and a mission.  It is by free will and choice of our energetic self, the ‘Soul’ decides to reincarnate itself into a physical experience.  The physical experience is the only way that the soul can express itself and put thought into action.  It is only in this 3rd dimension that the soul can clear energetic blocks and continue to fulfil its purpose of creating and expanding, because the 3rd and 4th dimension is the only dimension that the ‘Soul’ can experience separation and with that uniqueness.  From the 5th dimension and up, we are one with the universe and the universe is within us.  The ego self doesn’t exist and that is why it is so easy to experience unconditional love and acceptance for who and what we are.  Judgment is not necessary as we are all part of one.

Just by understanding this, we can see how the mistaken perception of our existence and of who we are is created.


About Positive and Negative


There is no right or wrong.  Everything just is.  In the same token there is no good or bad either.  Those are perceptions of the mind created by ourselves and our environment through our values and beliefs.  However, when a Soul is not living it's true purpose and using it's passion skills, then we can say that the Soul is negating it's purpose or it's path and is engaging in something negative.  Negative is therefor not necessarily evil as we are lead to belief on TV, but rather not living in alignment with our true nature which is Divine, we are not living as Divine Creators and not living with our Divine Purpose.  At times Souls stray so much from the Divine path that they engage in DarkEnergies that lead them to act in ways that are destructive.  They do appear to be evil, especially when they interfere with the purpose and energy of another. Again our perception is one from the mind of what is right and wrong and good and bad.    When we allow other Souls to interfere with us, it is because on some level we feel weak and disempowered and therefor believe that someone is stronger than what we are and so we abdicate our responsibility to do what is right and loose our power to create what we want.


So in summary, Akashic Records help us:

  1. Know our characteristics at Soul Level
  2. Know our Purpose for Life
  3. Help us understand where we are in the here and now
  4. Help us to know what blocks and restrictions we have that stops us from fully expressing and manifesting what we want.
  5. Understand ourselves in a way that can help us know how to market our selves as business owners
  6. Help us to understand relationship ties and obligations and clear unhealthy ties to others.
  7. Begin to honour ourselves and live a Life with Purpose.


Activities that you can do :

Start to access information from your Soul by listening to your heart.

  1. Find a quite place to relax and close your eyes.
  2. Ask yourself “what am I feeling right now?”
  3. Assuming this is a feeling that is not comfortable , ask “Is this mine?”
  4. If yes, “What could I do or have so that I can be better off?” Start to wish for something better…. think of what has to happen so that you can expand and have something better for yourself, rather trying to find ways to make what you have work.
  5. If no, “Thank you for the information, I don’t need it any longer”
  6. Now, ask yourself, is what I am doing giving the outcome that I want… listen to your heart.  If you hear yes, now ask “ Is what I am doing which is right, am I doing it in the right location?” and finally “ Is what I am doing which is right and in the right location, am I doing it in the right way?” If you get a no, now you know that you need to make some changes in your life.

Your Soul knows exactly what you need and what you have to do.  Start to develop that relationship that will help you become more intuitive and listen to your inner knowledge and wisdom.

Should you wish to explore this further and want me to do your Akashic Records, please follow this link so we can start the process.  Alternatively, email me so we can set up a chat where I can answer any questions you may have.

Here is to your success. 


The akashic records are an energetic information data base of events, emotions, thoughts and choices that we have made on soul level, life after life. Each soul has its own Akashic Records and they are unique and private to them.  One can only enter the Akashic Records for someone else with explicit permission.