What stops you from being the best that you can be?

Hope you are all well and that you enjoyed the festive season with all that it brings... joy, laughter, last minute present buying and wrapping, good food... too much food etc

By now the 1st of January 2017 is behind you.  Have you already reflected back on the year that has passed?  Are you looking and evaluating your effectiveness and also are you asking yourself if you actualised your hopes and dreams ..... did you become the person that you wanted to become and did you achieved your dreams? 

 So who are you?  Have you decided?  Tomorrow, before you get out of bed, factor in some thinking time, while you are still in bed.

Ask yourself:

 ·         Who do I need to be to succeed in what I want? e.g. I want to write a book, I want to be an author!  Your thoughts are "But I am not a writer!". So here is your moment ..... imagine yourself being one!!  What would you feel like as that person when you wake up?  What would you do?  How would you feel?  Imagine that as detailed as possible and make it real inside of youAnd now, get out of bed as that person…. walk like that person, think like that person, feel like that person and go about being that person!

·         What do I have to do in order to start working on my dream today?  So maybe it is time that you need to think of your book or whatever the project may be. Get a note book and start  jotting down some ideas about it, and keep doing that.  Keep asking yourself the intelligent questions that will bring you step by step closer to what you want.  Action gives you clarity… so keep doing and keep evaluating if it feels right. 

·         How do I need to feel to achieve this dream?  How does being a writer feel?  How would it feel if I were a successful?  Imagine talking to people and telling them about what you do.  Notice how good you feel when you play out that scenario to yourself.  What would you say, how would you sound, how confident would you look and what good things will you be saying to yourself ?


Remember everything ... yes, everything in your life that has a meaning, it has that meaning because that is the meaning you gave it.  So, how you feel about yourself is the meaning that you have given yourself. The brain does not know the difference between fantasy and reality. When you start imagining yourself being the person you want to be, the brain does not know that it is not so, so it does it.


Also, remember that everything that you see around you, once did not exist!  It was a thought first and over time it became reality.  So for you to become who you want to be and living the life that you want, you 1st have to dream, then you must feel what you want and lastly take action because you want to make this dream come true.  Start to dream yourself into a  life of success every morning!

Here is to all your successes and wishing you all a month full of wonder .... Become wonderful!