When you have decided to change your life, you need to change your life.

Whatever is stopping you will continue to stop you unless you do something different!

I will help you change your thinking, giving you the tools you need to shift those obstacles and tackle new challenges.

You will be able to apply new ideas straight away, with support material to help facilitate new learnings.


6 Month Personal Breakthrough and Coaching Program

Some things will be about streamlining what you do and some things will be new.  No two people are the same, so this program will be designed with you in mind.
I have all the support material that you need from journals, online videos, audios and hypnotic audio to support you.

Your session are two per month for 6 months and on Skype .  Each session will last 1 hour.  You have email excess where all your questions will be answered by video blog, so you can keep them for future reference.

So why wait?  Now is the time to start to create the change that you want and continue to live the life that you deserve.


6 Week Personal Coaching Program

No matter what you need the coaching for (work- family-change) it is personal.  I have years of experience both in personal development as well as business development, so I have the flexibility you need to make changes. The program will be shaped by your needs and what it is that you want to achieve.

I have all the support material that you need from journals, online videos, audios and hypnotic audio to support you.

Your session are once week on Skype .  Each session will last 1 hour.  You have email excess where all your questions will be answered by video blog, so you can keep them for future reference.

It all starts with a casual chat in my cyber cafe. Grab a coffee and just chat with me.  Decide later, but just make a start.


Soul Coaching - Healing and Clearing

In all my years of working with myself and then with clients I have found that we all have wounds that recur in life in different forms.  When you look deeper you will see that everyone’s life has a repeating script of either ‘not enough’ (scarcity), lack of love (usually our self love) , betrayal ( because people don’t love and respect us and honour us) or abandonment ( I am not lovable enough).

We fight with those parts of ourselves that feel out of alignment with what we want to achieve in life.  We have blocks and obstacles that entice the ego towards blame and make us feel ‘less than’ …. and so we search for meaning and relief.   We start to dig and most will achieve an understanding of themselves by searching into their unconscious and find limiting beliefs, memories and programs that stop them from creating a flow of energy that will help them create the life that they want.  I see this as the ‘step 1′ of the healing process, for through the physical manifestation of our lives we can see the lack and pain.  It is a start point but it is not enough.

For many of us the big question is: ‘Why did my life become what it is?’  Why are you surrounded by people and circumstances that cause you pain, frustration, lack and doubt about who you are? If all this is random, then who chooses the lucky people in this world, and how did you miss this selection?

Perhaps it is not random.  Perhaps there is a bigger picture that we are not taught by traditional means, to see.  Perhaps it is time to look deeper and heal rather than cure a physical problem.  Healing happens on a spiritual level, while curing is what modern medicine attempts to do to a dis-eased body. Healing and changing on the spiritual level will transform your life.

My work with you starts on the mental plane because that is where awareness is.  This is where you will notice that things are not working out.  You might have thoughts like “I didn’t think that my life would be turn out like this!”

We will often experience physical ailments as a result of stress in the mind or abuse from our lifestyle.  Our bodies live within the mental mind, for the physical body needs the mind in order to function.  So it will help our mind when we take care of our body.  We will also help our body when we take care of the mind. They are interconnected and woven in a beautiful melody.

But the story doesn’t end in the mind.  Most of us will acknowledge that we have a soul or perhaps you call it a spirit or, an energy ( use the word that fits your belief). It is not independent from the mind and body.  In fact the mind and body live within the realms of the soul which in turn lives in the realm of the spirit.  It is the spirit which is our source, our well, our pure energy … our true beginning.  The soul travels life after life experiencing and learning. It creates memories from lessons as well as carrying the burden of pain and suffering.  Every incarnation ( every life that we are born into) is chosen by our soul in the hope to overcome pain and heal and expand ourselves to our next level of evolution.  Sadly once we are born within a few years we fall asleep to ‘who we are’, forget our purpose and become slaves to the ego, which is of the of the physical body.

The ego is concerned with survival, and therefor it is always looking to be on top.  It will continually compare with others in order to judge and assess where it is.  ‘Am I enough?’   When we operate out of the ego, we are out of touch with our spirit.  We then live a restricted life that is judged by limitation.  There will always be someone smarter, younger, taller, richer, more accomplished etc than you.  This will feed the memory of the soul that carries pain and persecution. It is the pain and persecution that we fight to overcome.  If only someone made that clear to us.  Instead we move from one situation to another, another job, another partner, another opportunity and all we are doing is upgrading the already failed situation we had.  All we do is reaffirm what our ego is telling us… “You are not enough, You are broken, You are incomplete”.

That stress will manifest from the mind into the body and we create energy that will align with who we believe we are and what we believe we are worth.  If only someone had told you that what happens in this life is unimportant, other than for the reconnection to your self, the expansion of your soul and healing that you create.  Your reconnection will heal you on an energetic level.  For your energetic field in one with all beings and all things.  Hate yourself and you feed that energy to all.  Love and heal yourself and will you love and heal all.

How does it Work...

My work with you starts with a chat.  What is your pain right now?  I then look into your soul records (Akashic Records) and retrieve information that you need right now to start the healing.  Imagine it like a library that holds all the information about you, from all your soul’s journeys, life after life.  I will find out what teachings you have had, and therefore what talents you are bringing.  I will clear soul contracts, vows and oaths that keep you inprisoned and stop you from creating abundance and flow.  I will guide you to release old energies that don’t serve you and relinquish your power again.  I will help you clear karma and also understand contracts you have made, that you need to complete.  I will realign your soul and clear any negative energy from past lives.  Things will make sense, and questions about your life and your relationships will make sense.  You will get to know and understand the uniqueness of your soul and fall in  love with your true self.  You will reconnect with your authentic self.

If you wish, we can continue with your work.  I offer coaching in bundles of 6.  They are a combination of soul as well as mind work.  I will help you to integrate and make it work in your day to day life.  I offer you guidance, prayers, special affirmations that are all created to support your soul transformation.  I also give you journaling to do, meditations to listen to, and relaxation techniques.  This will bring your balance, calm and purpose back into your life.  Most of all it will bring you peace and love for yourself and your life.



We also offer:


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