Following a vibrant 30-year career coaching and training more than five thousand people, Vicky Ross has distilled her experience into a holistic course that empowers you to discover your purpose in life. 


  • Have you identified your unique gifts, perhaps even your true calling, but are struggling to implement them in your every day life?    
  • Are you ready to uncover your natural gifts and talents?
  • Do you believe that you are here to have an extraordinary human experience, but feel that something is stopping you? 
  • Does fear cause you to freeze and not follow through with living life on your terms?  


Join Me on this unique programme, tailored made for you. 

Why this course

“ You understand that you are spirit being having a physical experience. ”

From my experience, consciously aware people generally acknowledge the notion that we are a system comprising of Body, Mind and Spirit. This acknowledgement is also usually accompanied by a desire to realise potential and life purpose by working on three aspects. 

At this point I have observed that there is a common tendency to tackle Body, Mind and Spirit as separate entities, rather than as one:  

  1. We work on our body by following a healthy diet and exercising frequently.
  2. We work on our mind by watching our thoughts, feelings and trying to manage them by reading books, attending seminars and working with coaches.
  3. We work on our sprit through meditation or other spiritual disciplines –-often under the assumption that effort and sacrifice are pre requisites for abundance and clarity.

Unfortunately this approach rarely produces the desired outcome, instead giving rise to feelings of frustration and confusion - “I am doing all the right things yet nothing has changed”  Why is this? 

What can I do to create the change that I seek? 

In order for true potential to be realised we must: 

1.  Work on Body, Mind and Spirit in unison and not separately. These aspects are interdependent and not mutually exclusive. 

“ Spirit is the leader, Mind is the messenger, Body is the doer. ” - Vicky Ross

2.  Avoid the natural tendency to spend too much time on mastering the spiritual in the hope that this alone will manifest desires. The spirit is a great source of centeredness, clarity and strength – but it is thinking with the mind and doing with the body that transforms intention into existence.   

“ We don’t need to become more spiritual because we are already 100% pure, perfect and complete spiritual beings.” - Vicky Ross

How do I get started? 

Before embarking on this journey its is important to acknowledge: 

  • We haven’t been taught how to listen to spirit and tap into our soul purpose.
  • We don’t know how to process information from our spirit without being limited by the survival-ego-mind that wants us to stay in ‘safety’.
  • That our social systems are not deigned to facilitate life purpose, therefore we lack the tools to actually start doing what we are supposed to.

Course overview

This is a 6-module, holistic course shared via webinar in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world. 

 It is addresses 3 key areas: 

1.  Understanding your soul purpose

SPIRIT – 5th Dimension 

I will create a personal report that will give you crystal clarity on your Soul Purpose, which in turn, determines your Life Purpose.

During the webinar, I will discuss the report in detail, explore what this means for your reality and identify where you might be out of alignment.


2.  Understanding your ego-mind and limiting beliefs

MIND – 4th Dimension

Once the Soul Purpose is identified it is important that your thoughts support it, otherwise mis-alignment can occur and create blocks in your life. 

I will help you grasp the dynamics of your thoughts and emotions whilst providing you with tools to break down any limiting beliefs.


3.  Understanding the importance of doing

BODY – 3rd Dimension 

It is the 'doing' through the body that creates expansion, space and changes required for you to live your Life Purpose. 

I will help you understand the physical laws of action, money and how to empower yourself with more tools so that you can start to re-shape your new life and live by your terms. 

What can I expect? 

After completing this course you will:

  1. Understand and have the opportunity to align with your Life's Purpose in a very direct way. You will have the tools to shape your life and achieve your true potential. This is something you will do through changing your thoughts and actions, rather than it just magically happening because you participated on this course.
  2. Know yourself in a whole new way and understand where to correctly focus your energy. 
  3. Experience an energetic uplift that can be immediately channeled into your new being. 
  4. Learn how to integrate your spiritual life with your daily life.
  5. Have the ability to shift internal programming to make way for positive change. 
  6. Have focus on the things that matter and experience genuine joy and pleasure because of this.
  7. Be empowered to achieve financial freedom so that you can start to live an abundant life without worry. 
  8. Abandon the obligation to please and serve others - YOU become the number one priority in your life.
  9. Feel new confidence when you experience what it means to let go of the opinions of others.
  10. You will no longer be influenced by the negative collective consciousness, relating to topics such as politics and the economy  – instead you will know who you are and what you stand for. 

How the course is structured


Module One

By now you will have received and therefor start working with your personal report.  In this module we will explore the basics of Life Purpose, which is determined in the 5th Dimension by your Soul Purpose.  Here you will learn about the ‘uncommon’ common sense of the Spiritual Matrix and how this relates to you, your unique gifts and purpose in life. 

You will learn: 

  • How Body, Mind and Spirit systems work together and the benefits of having this knowledge. 
  • How identification with our physicality prevents you from knowing why you are living this life. 
  • Why you need to understand what it means when I say that  "Spirit is the Leader"
  • The importance of conscious energy and how it is distributed between your Body, Mind and Spirit.


Module Two

We begin by examining the 5th dimension - The Spirit -  The dimension of information that is stored as energy.  We delve deeper into specific aspects of ‘knowing’ your Life Purpose and how this relates to your personal circumstances. I will give you tools to harmonise Body, Mind and Spirit so that you can live in flow. 

You will learn:

  • About different aspects of your Life Purpose, the most important to you and how to create alignment. 
  • What it means to be misaligned and potential repercussions of this. 


Module Three


We examine the 4th dimension - the Mental Body - commonly referred to as ‘thinking’. We align ‘thinking’ with ‘purpose’ in order to overcome blocks and release you into flow. 

You will learn: 

  • How we create thoughts.
  • How the world of mental energy works. 
  • How our thoughts can creates blocks.
  • What thoughts stop you and how this happens.
  • What techniques you can use to create change. 
  • How meditation and visualisation can accelerate the process.


Module Four

You will learn about Emotional Polarities so you can take responsibility for what you are creating. Most people do not understand the Divine Nature of Emotional Polarities and get confused when they experience the opposite of what they want.

You will learn:

  • What polarities are and how they work energetically.
  • Which polarities you are woking with and what actions are required to create change.
  • How to develop your own polarity map so that you can track personal progress.
  • What choices are available to you right now and how to empower yourself to make the right choice. 
  • What is the ‘next best thing’  and how to build momentum.


Module Five

We focus on the 3rd dimension - what you are doing and how you are behaving .  We discuss the importance of health and how your actions impact your life.  Action brings clarity, so we look at what it means to move into action and what you need to do to overcome the barriers that prevent you from doing this.  I will teach you how to create an optimal day, so that you can work with flow and be more productive.  

You will learn: 

  • How thoughts become actions.
  • How to create an optimal day.
  • How to evaluate your health.
  • What choices you would make if your health was better or different.
  • What you can do to achieve better health.
  • What Life Force means and how this connects with Life Purpose. 
  • How change happens and how long it takes. 
  • What your body is telling you when it is in pain. 
  • Way to super charger your body.
  • The benefits of meditation.


Module Six

We explore the spiritual, mental and physical relationship with money.  Money is a wonderful energetic tool that helps us create the life we want and without it we cannot be free.  Without the free flow of money, you are restricted to living the life you must, rather than the life you want… which may be far from your Divine Nature and your Life Purpose. 

You will learn: 

  • How money flows when we are aligned.
  • What can stop money from flowing.
  • What it means to be financially responsible on an energetic level.
  • How you have allowed money to be the boss of your physical experience.
  • To understand your love/hate relationship with money.
  • How to stop ignoring your money.
  • How to think outside the box.
  • Why the opportunity to create money today is better than it has ever been.

How the course works

Once you have signed up for the Webinar, you will send me your name at birth, your present name, your birth date, place of birth and permission for me to access your Spiritual Records (Akashic Records). 

With your permission, I will use this to information to gather insights you need to understand your Life Purpose and identify where you might be experiencing misalignment.

I will also see how your conscious energy is being distributed between Body, Mind and Spirit with the intention to shift most of your energy into the Body – which is where the 'doing' occurs.

What this course is not

  • Therapy, because the soul doesn’t see you as broken … however it will help you understand the energy you put out and the consequences of this. 
  • For business development strategies.  It is important to be savvy and strategic in business but this course focuses on you and your relationship with yourself.  This precedes business strategy, as strategy without understanding of who you are and what you want is futile.  Once you know your Life Purpose and what you want to achieve, you will intuitively align with the right training, coach or approach.  
  • A magic wand that fixes your life, but it will help you understand your Life Purpose so you can align with what your Soul wants.

This course is for you if

  • You are ready to embark on a spiritual and real life transformation.         
  • You are committed to making change.
  • You understand that this program will give you knowledge, but change will only come from your own actions.

About Vicky ...

This program has been designed by me.  I have drawn on my 30 years of experience in personal development, business coaching and spiritual awareness.

I help people uncover their Life Purpose and Implement changes so they can Live Life on their terms.  I have been in personal development for over 30 years, and I have worked with 1000s of people in many countries.  As a result of that I have written 3 books, created journals, online  programs, hypnotic audios and run retreats, events and in-house trainings for companies.  

When I work with people they leave me feeling awakened, they have created breathtaking and transformation changes in their lives and they feel motivated and in control ... living life on their terms.  

I am a licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming  for individuals as well as businesses, an Instructor of Hypnotherapy, a management and business coach, a life & happiness coach and professional speaker. I mentor people who have just completed NLP Practitioner courses, coaches and hypnotherapists in becoming the best version of themselves.  

My mission in life is to enable as many people as possible to understand themselves and share their gifts to the world while living life on their terms.