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Without Self Awareness everyone is to blame. If you want to change your life, change it! Get Clarity and take ownership.


  • The power of self awareness and what it means to create change. 
  • How to start understanding yourself, followed with exercises to work through.
  • The value system you live your life by.
  • Complete the quiz, assess your life and discover the next steps to your success

How to bypass the ‘BS’ in your own mind, tune in to the hearts and minds of your Team and eliminating interference and achieving maximum results

Hi, I am Evridiki (Vicky),

I am a Leadership coach and I help you the Leader and/or Business Owners to be an extraordinary and have your team performing minor miracles with ease and grace – in 90 days or less.

  • Are you fighting with your internal dialogue?
  • Are you struggling with your life?
  • Are you struggling with your relationships? (Work or personal)
  • Do you feel that life is difficult or hard?
  • Are you doing all the things correctly and still having no outcomes?
  • Are you tired?

Your life matters. Your dreams matter. You deserve to be the best version of yourself and live life on your terms.

Work with me ... I have done all the hard work ... all the research and will share with you my experience and knowledge to short cut your journey to creating the life that you want.

Learn How To

Get the clarity you need to step up in your life and business

In my experience while working with Leaders, the one thing that constantly kept coming up, is the fight with their inner self. Once we understand our selfs and our purpose, we are able to build and support our teams rather than keep defending ourselves against them.

This ebook covers :

  1. The power of self awareness and what does it mean to create change.
  2. How to start understanding who you are, with exercise for you to work through.
  3. The value system you live your life by.
  4. A quiz for you to take so you can assess your life and what you need to do next.

By downloading this ebook, you will automatically be part of my inner circle which will means that you will be getting weekly inspirational tips to use in your everyday life, as well as first hand information on my latest products, retreats and programs.

I am also happy to talk on LinkedIn live, answering any questions that my inner circle members email me. When I have a give-away, you will be the first to know!

What People say about working with me ...

I had a 5 hour session with Vicky Ross last year and it has changed my life in tangible and intangible ways for the better. I was claustrophobic and the fact I didn’t take the tube was limiting – I had lived in London for 14 years and I rented flats near the office, I wasted time in the rain at bus stops and stuck in traffic and I spent too much money on cabs. Soon after our session I felt able to challenge myself and take the tube, rapidly building confidence and this enabled me to buy my own lovely flat at the end of the Northern Line but with an easy commute. I don’t feel the grip of fear I used to in the tunnels, I don’t count down the moments between stops, I don’t panic when we stop between tunnels. In fact, I now enjoy this time to myself reading and have even missed my stop on more than a couple of occasions. It has become a non-event and I would not have believed that to be possible before. Vicky used a variety of techniques to help me work on overcoming my fears and then we tested them by travelling up and down in a tiny rickety lift in my apartment block. Now I don’t have to look for excuses not to take lifts, or avoid tall buildings, or miss out on things because of a lift, or feel panicked at the thought. I also found that my general anxiety has decreased – I don’t fear panic attacks anymore or hold on to emotions or thought patterns as tightly. Life is just easier now, I’m kinder to myself, making progress, finding perspective, and I’m so glad to have met Vicky and changed my life.

Yasmin - London

"Stunning, insightful, breath-taking and hugely empowering. Vicky is a true spiritual guide, and has the skill, knowledge and sensitivity to help you turn information into action"

 Will xxx

Given Vicky's credentials and experience, we were expecting the excellent teaching. The bonus was Vicky herself: a warm, witty, charming woman who stole our hearts, with a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to life and therapy. And a very generous human being, who truly cares about helping people and sharing her knowledge and resources so that we can help others as well, in the best and fullest possible way.

Irene M.

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