I am a child of the world...

Born in Tanzania from Greek/Dutch parents, I have lived in seven countries (so far) speak 4 languages and have travelled to more than 30 countries around the globe.

I have an immense passion for exploring and researching all I can about people and their behaviours (even when walking the dog I will have my earphones in and I will be listening to my audibles and expanding my knowledge).

If I’m not reading, I am creating my latest products, running retreats, coaching or delivering training programs. Least I forget giving presentations to large audiences. While all at the same time being a wife and mother to two beautiful teenage girls.

What I love ...

I love health and nutrition and I am a good cook! I am gadget queen in the kitchen and have all the tools to make the foods that I love and are healthy. I love nutrition, health cookbooks and understanding how the body works.

I also love music, dancing and most of all laughing. My courses tend to have humour in them, as it is important to see the funny side of life.

I often support other thought leaders in their programs and in gorgeous world destinations. I get to travel and see beautiful places while doing what I love.

I love social media! It gives me the platform to pass information that can help you. So take advantage of my stuff and connect and follow me on Linkedin, Facebook lives, Zoom Free Coaching sessions and my Youtube channel that is filled with educational videos.

What you can do right now?

If you haven't already, go and download my FREE eBook, Get Clarity

When working with people I saw how many felt disconnected to who they are and what their purpose is. Through my work, I got to realise that there are really only two emotions. Love and Fear. All other emotions are just sub parts of Love and Fear. When people are not in flow, they are not accessing the Love part of themselves, but rather are living in the Fear that is created by the Ego.

This ebook was created as a short and sweet, quick and easy explanation of this theory. In doing so, I hope that I can provide some uncommon common sense, so that people can get understanding of their emotions to awaken their truth.

Thank goodness for the internet!! I am able to work with clients around the globe, helping figure out what they want out of life and then guiding them to implement the changes that they need to live life on their terms. My mission is to help people communicate clearer with themselves and absolutely deliver on their objectives. 

I help my clients create breathtaking and transformational changes and they leave feeling motivated, empowered and full of life.

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