PEM - Personal and Executive Mastery

How to bypass the ‘BS’ in your own mind while tuning into the hearts and minds of your Team, eliminating interference and achieving maximum results

What is PEM?

I believe that becoming who you want to be, doesn't happen with just one course, or just one seminar. It takes time and a combination of training, reflecting, questioning and applying new learnings to life. With pre-defined training packages and an extensive range of courses available to suit all needs, you can provide your key talent team with a structured development programme that can grow and evolve with changing business and personal needs.

I have used my understanding of behaviour to create a program that takes you through a systematic development process that offers a variety of ways to engage with me and to learn and develop what you want.

On an individual program, you get once a month 1 x 3 hour session. You will receive coaching (life and business), training for whatever you want to develop and supporting material. You then have a 1 hour session, where we will discuss how you have implemented any learning from the previous session and what outcomes you had. You will also have unlimited email support for the duration of the 6 month program.

If you join the program as a group, you will get 1 x3 hour group session. Once again the session will be made up of coaching in a group setting and then teaching, following a basic personal development schedule. You will then have your own individual session about 2 weeks later.

If you join the Solo program as a self study program, then you will get videos and work books to work through in your own time. If there is a need for further support we do have personal 1-2-1 life coaching sessions that can be included as an extra part of the package. You can get the personal support you need to overcome all the ‘other’ aspects of your busy life that make it hard to implement new skills back into the real day to day environment at work.

The 12 month program will provide you with online videos; reading material; meditation audios and private forum for networking opportunity and student support.

Our complimentary online learning can provide ongoing reinforcement of new skills/ behaviour and provide support content that is available 24/7, at the times when you need it most, ensuring that training soon becomes part of your normal day to day routine and your behaviour changes for the better.

Training packages provide the flexibility to be tailored to your busy work/ life schedule and enable specific development programmes to be created to deliver complimentary courses that take recipients on a life changing journey.

PEM 1-2-1

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PEM Group

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PEM Solo

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Success starts with YOU!


12 Months that will begin to shape you to become the best version of yourself. You are not only a body or just a mind or just about emotions. You are a unique system that is sophisticated and magnificent. Most of your talents and abilities are yet to be discovered and developed. 

So who are you and what do you want to become? Where is your professional life taking you? When you think your career, your physical self, your health, your relationships at home and at work, your beliefs, your values and your spirituality, who are you and what do you want from your life?

You have the opportunity to redefine and become clear about yourself what you want out of life. Imagine 12 months filled with expert combination of training courses, webinars, accountability groups, forum support. You will also have online resources, eBooks and hypnotic audios that will help you shape your life. Indulge in knowledge that this program has taken years of test and tried experience in a series of training days and webinars that will shift your thinking and create the life that you want by your own terms. You will have all the information and support you need to shape your life to what you want. You will feel empowered and others will see the difference in you. 

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